Requirements specification

We are constantly looking for suitable locations for new TEDi stores. To give you an idea of what we are looking for, we have included our list of requirements regarding suitable locations below. It may be possible to agree on deviations from this list − talk to us about it.

Property: Portfolio property, purchase property, or new building construction projects for rent

Location: Pedestrian precinct, downtown A or good B location, district location with high frequency of casual customers, row of specialised stores, shopping centres, foyer zones in self-service stores, or an individual location

Trade environment: Foodstuff discounters, consumer markets, textile and shoe stores, drugstores

Catchment area: More than 20,000 inhabitants in the centre (exception: tourist locations), more than 30,000 inhabitants in the catchment area than 25,000 inhabitants in the zone of attraction

Surface area profile: At least 550 square metres selling space, plus approx. 50 square metres auxiliary areas, in pedestrian precincts or locations with high customer frequency over 300 square metres selling space, depending on the trade environment up to 1,500 square metres selling space is possible

Outdoor sale: At least 15 square metres selling space in front of the property

Facade: At least 6 metres frontage with display windows

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